Hey gang, since everything is on the daggum internet, I decided to start doing movie reviews.  I see almost everything, I like talking about them, and my phone records in 1080.  So, bing, bang, boom, movie reviews on YouTube.  I'm gonna put a link here for now, but there's also one on the A/V page.  If you found your way here, you're probably willing to go one more step.  Either way, I love you.

Welcome to my website


Hey gang, thanks for coming.  This is my website, there's not a lot going on, but I think it looks nice.  When I have gigs, they'll be here.  If I ever sell merch, it'll be here.  When I finally get around to doing a podcast, it will also be here.  

Enjoy the site, I'm trying my best to make it have more stuff.